AP and Class Staff Bulletin

April-May 2023

Tomb with stone rolled away

Stewarding Resources to Support You

We are so grateful for all you do to provide the opportunity for over 400,000 members all over the world to participate in weekly in-depth Bible study. Our heart’s desire is to support your incredible work by providing what you need to magnify God and mature His people as you teach, train, and lead in your BSF communities.

Excellence requires periodic evaluation of the resources available to leaders and members. We have added many new resources over the past few years, and recently we assessed the usage and alignment of all our resources to the ministry’s mission and goals. (Basically, we asked, “Are people using this? Does it work?”) With that in mind, and through much prayer, we will no longer produce the following valued but rarely used resources for the John study:

  • Sample Lecture Blog: This was originally intended to help with the Strategic Framework and Big Idea. Because we now provide those resources in other ways, the Sample Lecture Blog has become a resource that only a small number of you read each week.
  • Reawaken Hymns: We listened to your requests for music. (We love music too!) Last year, we tried Reawaken Hymns as a way to honor that request, but we do not believe that is the best solution for addressing this need.
  • Art Gallery: It is amazing to see the many gifted people we have in BSF. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! However, the Art Gallery does not provide practical support for your leadership roles at BSF. Therefore, we will discontinue the Art Gallery for the John study.
  • Daily Dive: The adult material and student program resources are the main sources for the Daily Dive content. That, along with the low number of people accessing it, has led us to discontinue the Daily Dive despite its long history and our affection for it.
  • Alternate Language Lectures: We will no longer provide folders for posting Alternate Language Lectures. However, we will continue to support local translations of Adult Lesson Questions and transcripts of the Global Lectures for use in Alternate Language Discussion Groups. An American Sign Language (ASL) lecture will continue to be provided.
Prayer Support

We will also change the way we invite prayer next year. Instead of the Prayer Guide produced as a single resource at the beginning of the study year, BSF will offer prayer prompts throughout the year through blogs, emails, and social media. We want to share real-time prayer needs with you and our members throughout the year to keep us more tightly connected and continually dependent on God.

In that same spirit, we want real-time prayer requests and shepherding to return to the local class level. Our BSF Core Value Dependence on God is built as people pray for each other and see answers to prayers together. The Prayer Wall was developed during COVID-19 to meet a need; however, this format does not allow us to follow up or see answers to prayers. Please continue to intentionally support your leaders and members in prayer.

We always want to aim for you to know of changes first. We hope this provides clear reasons why, so you have a ready answer if members ask about these changes. We are so very thankful for you and will continue to look for and prayerfully consider ways to better support you as you magnify God and mature His people!

Happening Soon

16-18 May:
Refill AP/OAP Conference
For more information, see your Alert in MyBSF and BSF Online.

13-15 June:
TL/OT/DOT Conference

Prayer Requests

Praise for:
  • The abundant eternal fruit that God has produced through our leaders’ work of faith and love.
  • The endurance God provided our leaders and class members through this challenging study that has led to heart and life transformation.
  • A smooth transition into the new study year registration on MyBSF.
Pray for:
  • God to provide a clear calling for new leaders for the John study.
  • Technology updates and releases, including:
    • Cybersecurity updates implemented over the next few months.
    • Successful Class and Study Flips for all classes.
    • Those who want to join or find a new class or group to accomplish this without technology challenges.
    • New BSF Online Leaders Meetings and groups to accomodate all who want to attend the John study.
    • A seamless transition for the BSF Online New Study Year to help onboard new leaders and members.

    Technology: MyBSF and BSF Online

    Improving Your Account Security


    Before the start of John, we will implement security questions and answers. These are questions and answers associated with your account that only you know the answers to (for example, “What is the name of your first pet?” or, “What is the name of the city you were born in?”). This allows our member support personnel to verify your identity when you request their help to reset passwords or fix account issues.


    MFA makes logging into online resources more secure by requiring more than a username and password to log in. This provides more protection for your personally identifiable information (PII) and your question answers if you are using the app. MFA options will be:

    • To use a Microsoft Authenticator app.
    • To receive a text or call that has a one-time code that must also be entered to log in.

    Watch for more information in the coming months.

    Removing Roles from Non-returning Leaders and Ministry Service Roles (TR, Asst TR, LU)

    For leaders and other ministry services roles who will not be returning in the same role for the next study, follow the instructions for “Removing Leadership or Ministry Service Role” from the MyBSF Reference Guide (Keyword Search: reference).
    Note: To allow leaders to continue taking attendance and accessing leader resources (for their current roles) through the remainder of the current study year, do not remove these roles until after the last class day.
    From the MyBSF Reference Guide: Remove Leadership or Ministry Service Role

    Step one: If the leader is in a group, the leader MUST be removed from the group first:

    1. Select Class > Class Management > Groups.
    2. Select Discussion Group or Classroom tab.
    3. Find the Discussion Group or Classroom that member is in and select Edit > Edit.
    4. Select Group Leadership.
    5. Select the ‘X’ next to the leader name that you want to remove.
    6. Select Confirm > Update Group.
      Note: If Update Group is not selected the leader will remain in the class.

    Step two: After the leader is removed from the group:


    1. Go to Class > Class Composition > Manage Members.
    2. Using the filters, enter the member’s name.
    3. Select Search.
    4. Find the member you want to modify, and then select View > View.
    5. Select Modify Role.
    6. Select the role that you want to remove from the member, and then select Edit > Delete > Remove.

    Study Flip Scheduled for July

    There are two flips that occur at the end of a study—the class flip and the study flip.

    Class flip: Occurs after last class day has occurred, attendance for Lesson 29 has been taken, and the ICQ is submitted (if applicable). The class flip is noticeable only by Class Staff, ACSs, and ALs who will see the appearance of the John logo on the home page and the disappearance of the Registration page. All who registered for John will now appear in Manage Members. Additional features of the class flip are noted in New Study Year (NSY) Registration Guide (Keyword search: registration).

    Study flip: Occurs for all classes in July and is noticeable by all users. Any class that did not go through a class flip, as described above, will flip at this time. The Lessons page is updated to the John study.

    To prepare for the study flip download the following reports:

    • Placement Information for TL Report
    • Child Permission Report
    • Placement Information for CS—Parent Guardian Report

    If your class has not had a class flip, also download the following reports (these reports are obsolete after the class flip until the next registration period):

    • Registration Status for Next Study Year—Adult Report
    • Registration Status for Next Study Year—Child Report

    These reports can be used after the study flip to verify members in your database in Manage Members.

    BSF Online Study Flip Scheduled for July

    BSF Online class flip: Occurs automatically in June. “Upcoming Leaders Meeting and Upcoming Group Discussion” will be updated to the correct September date for all online classes and groups. 

    BSF Online study flip: Occurs in July. Members and leaders will see John lesson materials, new Helps and Resources, and an updated calendar page.

    Transferred Child Email

    Starting soon, when a child is transferred to another class, the former class will be notified through an email. The email will be sent to the CA, DAOT, and the CS-SP or CS-PS. The email will contain the name and number of the class that the child transferred into, the child’s first and last name, and the meeting name or time and classroom that the child was in (if applicable).

    Currently, when a child is moved to another class, there is no indication in MyBSF of the transfer. Classes have had to rely on communication between Class Staffs for transfers.

    This applies to children who are placed, waitlisted, unassigned, or ineligible but does not apply to children who are inactive in the database.

      Country Code Now Required in MyBSF and BSF Online

      If a member enters a phone number in their profile, the country code is now required on MyBSF and BSF Online. There will be a drop-down list of country codes next to the phone number in alphabetical order by country name. Select the code from the drop-down list or enter the country code directly.

      Need to Know

      Be sure to read for all positions related to your class.

      TLs, OTs, and DOTs Sign Up for the TL/OT/DOT Conference
      13-15 June

      Register now to participate in the online conference for TLs, OTs, and DOTs serving during the John study year. The online event is designed to prepare you for the upcoming study of John’s Gospel. The conference includes two 4-hour sessions (sessions 1 and 2). Each session is offered twice. Sign up for the session dates and times that work best for your schedule.    

      Sign up for session 1: Offered on Tuesday, 13 June from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. CDT and again on Wednesday, 14 June from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT. 

      Sign up for session 2: Offered on Wednesday, 14 June from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. CDT and again on Thursday, 15 June from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT.  

      BSF Support Is Looking for Volunteers

      BSF Support is recruiting volunteers for the next year’s study. For more information, please read this Support Agent Information document. 

      John Study Materials Release

      The BSF John study Adult Lessons Book (English), BSF Students Discovery Guides (English), and John-branded apparel will be available mid-June in the BSF Store. The Adult Lessons Book will be available in spiral-bound and loose-page versions. The remainder of the John study materials will be available mid-July. CAs and CSs watch your alerts for an update about how to provide printed lessons to members who have a need and for instructions about Children’s Leader resources.

      Leadership Development Tool Kit: All in One!

      This new tool kit includes everything you need for training your leaders at Leaders Meeting, including:

      • Role-specific trainings
      • Passage Discovery trainings
      • A new section of All-Leader trainings

      The new format makes it easy to plan and lead training for in-person or online Leaders Meetings. Enjoy helpful resources and information to equip you as a trainer—and everything is all in one place! The Leadership Development Tool Kit will be released in June.

      WordGo for the BSF Break

      Encourage class members to stay engaged with Scripture during the BSF break by using the WordGo app to launch a short-term Bible study with friends and family. Thousands of members have used the WordGo app to explore God’s Word with others. With WordGo:

      • There are more than 30 BSF courses ranging from 1 to 6 weeks in length.
      • No leadership experience is required.
      • All resources needed to start, run, and grow a group are in the app.

      Use this break to reach out and connect with others and with Scripture. Download WordGo by searching “WordGo” in your app store. Watch this video to learn more about WordGo and Connect.

      Training for STLs and New Leaders in BSF Students

      New STLs and BSF Students leaders (CS, ACS, CL) who will begin serving in these roles for the John study should wait to access their training course until mid-June. The content in these Foundations courses is being updated. An alert will be posted in MyBSF when the updated course is available.

      • STLs, SPCSs, and SPACSs might be invited to MyBSF Learning before the courses are updated.
      • SPCLs should wait to access the Foundations course in the Resource Library.

      Upcoming Orientations

      Start planning now for the upcoming August and September Orientations!

      13-16 August 2023: Online Orientation for TLs, OTs, and DOTs

      • TL application deadline: Wednesday, 12 July 2023
      • OT/TL application deadline: Wednesday, 19 July 2023

      10-14 September 2023: In-person Orientation for TLs 

      • TL application deadline: Wednesday, 9 August 2023 

        Host Church Confirmation for Next Study Year

        As we enter into the BSF break, please communicate with all host church pastors or staff (base class or SDG) about schedules and facility documentation they might require for the next study year. Remember, BSF does not offer certificates of liability insurance (COLI) or facility use agreements; however, we do respond to requests for them. To serve our host churches with excellence, it is helpful to have these requests as early as possible. For expeditious processing, start this process at the end of the current study year rather than the beginning of the next study to improve our ability to serve them.

        Please refer to the March Bulletin for end-of-year procedural reminders!

        SP ACS Foundations Training Update 

        Beginning in May, training for new ACSs serving in BSF Students will no longer include an instructor-led training course. The BSF Students ACS Foundations course will continue to be offered through MyBSF Learning. 

        Update BSF Students Materials Used 

        To align with the redesigned BSF Students curriculum levels, HQ will change any classes using previous student program classroom levels 1, 3, or 5 to the closest corresponding new curriculum level (LE, UE, MS, or HS) in the coming weeks. Prior to this, classes may still update the Materials Used field in MyBSF 

        End of Study Year CS Checklist 

        Children’s Supervisors should work with their Assistant Children’s Supervisors to complete the following end of study year tasks:

        • Gather and Review documents needed for records retention.
          Required forms include: 
          • CP Enrollment (CP 106)—only if attendance records are unable to be entered in MyBSF
          • CP Expense Record (CP 108)
          • CP Volunteer Information (CP 109)
          • CP Volunteer Tracker (CP 119)
          • Infant Sign-in/Sign-out (P 109)
          • Child Registration (I 104)—only if paper forms were used the register child
        • Decide with your CA the best way to store supplies and materials.
        • Consider scheduling now Children’s Program volunteers for the first 2-3 weeks of the next study year.
        • Print relevant reports from MyBSF for upcoming registration:
          • Child Permission Report
          • Registration Status for Next Study Year—Child Report
          • Class at a Glance—Children—Parent Guardian Report 

        Host Church Confirmation for Next Study Year

        As we enter into the BSF break, please communicate with all host church pastors or staff (base class or SDG) about schedules and facility documentation they might require for the next study year. Remember, BSF does not offer certificates of liability insurance (COLI) or facility use agreements; however, we do respond to requests for them. To serve our host churches with excellence, it is helpful to have these requests as early as possible. For expeditious processing, start this process at the end of the current study year rather than the beginning of the next study to improve our ability to serve them.

        DAOTs, please refer to the March Bulletin for end-of-year procedural reminders!
        Please be sure to read the BSF and BSF Online tab.